A client-side Technology of RevolutionPlus Property Limited


This client management portal was designed with our customers need in mind, here you will be able to manage all your transactions with us, make direct requests among other things.


With our unique customer dashboard, all our clients are able to manage their profiles with us, manage their transactions and view all our old and new properties for sale


All our clients can now download all their transaction documents from their dashboards, all documents relating to any purchases is made available to every customer


All plots and Block numbers and allocation status are now made uniquely available to the customers, this is made available to the customer on his transaction and allocation information on the portal.


A client will now be able to know at a glance, how much he/she has paid, and what exactly he paid for, all his payment profile is been made available to every unique customer.

“RevolutionPlus Property Limited, …..affordable housing!”